Woodford Airshow 1992

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"Woodford Airshow is one of the best in the UK. It is organised by the Royal Airforces Association and hosted by British Aerospace who build the ATP airliner at Woodford. BAe types therefore feature but so do the Vulcan and Lancaster, with Woodford being the site of the former AVRO company. Other historic types included locally owned and flown Cirrus Moth, BAe's Mosquito and a Lightning F6 (for static display) on a rare outing from BAe Warton. This years stars though were heavy metal. The US Navy "Topgun", the F14 Tomcat was only eclipsed by the fabulous "Russian Test Pilots" flying a pair of Sukhoi SU27 "Flanker" aircraft in their only such display in the UK."

The tragic accident with Spitfire XIV RM689 in which Rolls Royce test pilot Dave Moore was killed is a stark reminder, not only that display flying is a skilful and risky business but also that airshows exist in part as a tribute to pilots and aircrews who like Dave Moore, have given their lives in winning, defending and celebrating our freedom.

Please note: The clip of the accident at the beginning may be omitted by choosing to begin the programme at Chapter 2 from the menu screen.

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Lightning F6 arrival, F14 Tomcat, La Patrouille ECCO, Venom, BAe 146, Mosquito, Lynx, Vulcan, Optica, BAe 125-111, Tornado Tactical Attack, F18 Hornet, Nimrod, P51 Mustang, Jetstream, Sea King, Cirrus Moth, Buccaneer, BBMF Spitfire & Lancaster, Starduster 2, Spitfire (Rolls Royce - accident excluded), 2 SU27 "Flankers" "The Russian Test Pilots", BAe ATP, Harrier GR7, The Red Arrows

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Wednesday, 8 January, 1992
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