Weston Air Festival 2014

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Weston Air Festival has grown massively from the single day in 2013 and rekindles memories of the famous “Helidays” with a gathering of helicopters on the beach lawn. The world’s only flying Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 features as a bonus on this DVD.

An RAF Chinook and Seaking, Army Lynx AH7 and Navy Black Cat Lynx all contrasted with the diminutive Autogyro but in all meant that rotary wing was well represented at the event.

Wall to wall sunshine was the backdrop to a big line up that included more modern day RAF; Red Arrows, Falcons Parachute Team, Tutor and Tucano. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight graced the event with their prized Battle of Britain veteran Spitfire II displaying with the Hurricane. The DC-3 Dakota supported.

Many other historic types included B-17 flying with its ‘little friend’ P-51 Mustang. Several awesome classic jets included the Vulcan. 

Several civilian pilots gave breathtaking displays  but Rich Goodwin in his “Muscle Pitts” (with cockpit camera) deserves special praise.    CONTENTS

RAF Falcons Parachute Team • Grob Tutor • Chinook • Bulldog • Lauren Richardson Pitts Special • Calidus Autogyro •  BBMF Spitfire II & Hurricane • Seaking • Twister Duo • B-17 Sally B and P-51 Mustang • Vulcan • Breitling Wingwalkers • Tucano • “Muscle” Pitts Special  • DC-3 Dakota • Army Air Corps Lynx • “Belgian Ballerina” Stampe SV.4 • RV8tors • Black Cat Lynx • Canberra PR9 • de Havilland Venom • Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 feature

Interactive in-cockpit bonus with The Falcons Parachute Team and “Muscle” Pitts Special. Select the on-board camera view using the “Angle” feature on your DVD player’s remote control.   


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Thursday, 13 November, 2014
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