VULCAN XH558 - 'Farewell to Flight' - DVD/Blu-ray

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Expertly shot with high definition and 4K cameras by Planes TV, this official Farewell to Flight souvenir DVD is a superb way to relive the emotion of Vulcan's last display season. Appearances at twenty events are captured for your enjoyment for years to come.

This programme is very emotional to watch as we know we will never see the Vulcan XH558 take flight again.

We view, often in crystal clear skies, a timeless sleek design with almost fighter-like manoeuvrability; the overcast of a giant metal delta and reflections off mirror surfaces as the majestic goddess glides over water and pirouettes around the clouds. We listen to the howl whilst being thrust into the sky, the whisper of a low approach and the ear-splitting power of the climb out. We delight in the airborne camaraderie flying with jet contemporaries, the modern RAF and 1930s ancestors.

As we view all this we take a chronological tour from the announcement of the ‘farewell to flight’ year to that necessarily secret and unexpectedly ethereal last flight. We meet the like-minded followers; some of the millions whose hearts she entered and the dedicated staff, crews and volunteers drawn to operate, support and spread the message. We experience their wrenching farewells.

AVRO Vulcan XH558 truly was, and will remain the embodiment of ‘the Spirit of Great Britain’. The task now is to infuse that spirit into an Aviation Academy and a Heritage Skills Centre at XH558’s permanent home, Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster.

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Friday, 11 December, 2015
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