USAF Gold 2 - Mildenhall

Image of USAF Gold 2 - Mildenhall

USAF Gold, Part 1, featured the US Air Forces Anniversary display at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. The biggest annual USAF show in Europe is "Air Fete" at Mildenhall in England and in 1997 it fronted the European 50 th Anniversary celebrations.

We also take the opportunity to make this DVD a sequel to the best selling  "The Best of Mildenhall"  so this DVD draws together the highlights of the 1996 to 2000 events.

A full line-up of US types includes, from 2000,  close up with the B2A Spirit 'stealth bomber'  and a display in dramatic skies. Also, from 1996, the UK flying debut of the F117A Nighthawk. Other aircraft featured include B1, B52, C5, C17, C130, F15, F16, A10, MH53 and more including The Thunderbirds display team.

Other air forces contribute some rare and spectacular performers: a Mig29 and F4 Phantom from GermanyF18 Hornet from Spain, F5 Tiger II's from Switzerland and Mil24 'Hind' Gunships from the Czech Republic.

Several National aerobatic teams and some important historical types combine to present a fitting tribute to the USAF on it's 50th Anniversary and the legendary Mildenhall show.

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Saturday, 8 January, 2000
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