USAF Alconbury Air Tattoo 1991

Image of USAF Alconbury Air Tattoo 1991

1991 was a special year for Alconbury marking the impending departure of the A10 yet celebrating the type's success in the Gulf War. A big static line up showed off imaginative nose-arts and kill markings and they were joined by many other Gulf 'veterans' USAF and RAF. The DVD, however, concentrates on the flying display with US types prominent. The A10, F15 and TR1 are particularly impressive as is the A7 Corsair II of the Portuguese Air Force performing an extremely rare display. A C130 Hercules demonstrated the spectacular Fulton Rescue technique for downed crew. Veteran US aircraft including a beautiful T33 jet and a Grumman Avengerin the markings of that flown by President George Bush in WWII.

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Tuesday, 8 January, 1991
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