Soviet Airshow

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Even as the cold war drew to an end, no-one could have predicted the fantastic sights of awesome Soviet technology that we were destined to be seen at forthcoming airshows. The Bear and Backfire epitomise the dark threat that the West lived with for forty years whilst the Russian Knights team with six Flankers and the Rolls Royce powered Tu 204 herald a new era of friendship and co-operation.

The ultimate in flying skill is demonstrated by front-line jets performing the 'cobra', 'tailside', and 'bell'. State-of-the-art Su 26, 29 and Yak 55 display breathtaking aerobatics. Several world record holders have taken the stage: the supersonic VSTOL Yak 141, the giant Mil 26 helicopter, the Beriev Mermaid jet flying boat, the M 55 (U2 equivalent) spyplane and the incredible Antonov 225 Mriya - the world's largest aircraft by far. We include several types operated by other Eastern Bloc visitors, plus historical types, support transports and static displays. In all, over thirty aircraft types.

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Friday, 8 January, 1993
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