Scottish International Airshow 2016

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This was PlanesTV’s second visit the Scottish International Airshow and we’re proud to present the highlights in this official programme. In 2016 the event included the new innovation of a Friday evening flying display. Wingtip pyrotechnics made twilight displays by O’Brien’s Flying Circus, Mark Jefferies’ Extra 330SC and Aerosparx very special indeed. The RAF also joined in the fun with the Typhoon, complete with reheat lighting up the night’s sky.

After performing in his Piper Cub on Friday Brendan O’Brien guides us through the Saturday performances with his entertaining commentary style. A unique formation of B-25 Mitchell, OV-10 Bronco and P-51 Mustang stood out as a highlight for warbird fans. Classic jet action came in the form of the Vampires of the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron, who performed both solo and two-ship displays. We’ll get a helmet camera view from the RAF Falcons jumping on to the beach from a Skyvan. An in-cockpit view on board with Lawrence Hawthorn in his Nanchang also gives a fabulous sense of what it’s like to perform in the sky over Ayr.

There was aerobatics from Lauren Richardson in the Pitts Special, and Cessna 172 float plane ‘Wee Dram’ gave an entertaining performance including a touch and go on the sea. The day came to a close with a dark and moody sky as backdrop for a fabulous Red Arrows display.

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The Blades, Pitts S1-S, Nanchang CJ6, OV-10B Bronco, B-25 Mitchell, P-51D Mustang, Typhoon FGR4, O’Brien’s Flying Circus, Extra 330, Aerosparx, Coastguard SAR Role Demo, RAF Falcons, Vampire, Blades, BBMF Spitfire & Hurricane, Catalina, Wee Dram Floatplane and Red Arrows

In-cockpit Special Features

Also included are these extended in-cockpit sequences: • Nanchang CJ6 • RAF Falcons

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Monday, 5 December, 2016
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