Scottish Airshow – Prestwick/Ayr 2015 DVD/Blu-ray

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The organisers of the Scottish Airshow are aiming to fill the void left by the RAF Leuchars show and they did that spectacularly in 2015 attracting over 120,000 visitors. Small wonder with such an exciting line-up.

On the Saturday the crowds gathered at the seafront at Ayr for a 5 hour long free airshow and on Sunday the gates opened at Prestwick Airport to see the aircraft close-up as they departed for home or serviced the big show in Northern Ireland at Portrush.

The RAF were out in force with the Red Arrows, Typhoon, Hawk role demo, Tutor and travelling a huge distance from their Coningsby base, a Spitfire and Hurricane from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. By contrast the Scottish Aviation Bulldog flew the local colours celebrating 80 years of aircraft production in Scotland.

The Army and Navy attended too with a Merlin Helicopter supporting a Royal Marines beach assault on the Scottish & Northern Irish Yeomanry playing the role of pirates. Extremely rare visitors included the Swedish Historic Flight Draken, Irish Air Corps Historic flight with 3 Chipmunks, DH84 Dragon and
DH90 Dragonfly. The thrills were provided by Tom Cassells and his CAP232 aerobatic thoroughbred, the Speedtwin and an extremely agile Cessna 172 float-plane. The nostalgia came from the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress and Consolidated PBY5 Catalina flying boat. The show star in its last year of flying was the iconic Avro Vulcan.

She gave us a scare with a stuck nose wheel - you can see it on her dirty flyby. It was a relief when the crowd were eventually told she had landed safely. Our cameras were at Prestwick on Sunday to get her take off and wheels down transit out for repair.


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