Salute the Vulcan

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"Salute the Vulcan" was produced in conjunction with the Vulcan Display Flight and takes a long nostalgic look at the mighty Avro bomber in its last display year.

Drawing on material from 8 public shows during 1992 including the emotional last display at Cranfield, the entire display sequence is shown in a variety of weather conditions making for some thrilling viewing.

The HiFi Stereo is without intrusive commentary and faithfully reproduces that famous Olympics scream, the fine throttle adjustments on approach and that deafening roar climbing out from those majestic passes.

We include a sequence set to the haunting music which often accompanied the aircraft at airshows, also some backstage shots of flightcrew and groundcrew, preparation for flight and some short interviews to bring out the emotion of those last few flights. It is 'action' though which dominates this video including some exclusive air to air footage.

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Friday, 8 January, 1993
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