Salute The Phantom

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Phantom Pharewell features the flying at the Phantom Pharewell airshow at Wittmund in Germany and the "Spotters Day" that preceded it.

The highlight was the blistering flying sequence by 4 of the last F-4 Phantoms in Luftwaffe service - final retirement in just a few weeks - and a rare display by a Flight Systems/BAe  A-4 Skyhawk.

PlanesTV is taking the opportunity to re-master the "Phantom Airshow" programme and this is being added to Phantom Pharewell as a bonus.

(A note for Blu-ray customers - the 2013 material from Wittmund is full Blu-ray quality but the original programme was recorded and mastered in standard definition).

Wittmund Phantom Pharewell 2013 - Excerpt from Salute the Phantom

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Monday, 10 March, 2014
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