RAFA Shoreham Airshow 2011

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The annual Royal Air Forces Association Airshow at the photogenic setting of Shoreham Airport has become one of the best loved airshows in southern England and has raised in excess of £1.6 million for RAFA.

As an important station during WW2 for “Air Sea Rescue” operations over the English Channel it was appropriate to mark the 70th anniversary of the Royal Air Forces Search and Rescue Force.

The Battle of Britain Scramble scanerio with ‘Dad’s Army’ defenders and explosive airfield attack has become a thrilling spectacle and this year featured 2 Messerschmitts, 2 Hurricanes and 3 Spitfires.

Altogether a huge show full contrasts from Hunter and Sea Vixen jet power to Christian Moullec’s geese and studded with nostalgia and aerobatic art.


Pawnee banner tow - Sea King - Catalina - Sea Vixen - Hunter - Decathlon - Extra 300L - Harvard - Tutor - Tucano - Hawk - Gnat Pair - 5 Spitfires - 3 Hurricanes - Lancaster - B17 Flying Fortress - Swordfish - Blades -  SWIP Team - Hunter - Breitling Wingwalkers  - Falcons Parachute Team - Red Devils Parachute Team - 2 x P51D Mustang - Great War Display Team - Yakovlevs - Pitts Pair - Glider FX - O’Brien’s Flying Circus - Me109 & Me108 - Christian Moullec Microlight and Geese

Use your DVD ‘Angle’ button to select the cockpit or on-board view interactively with the Wingwalkers, Pitts Pair, Harvard, Great War Display and Team and O’Brien’s Flying Circus

RAFA Shoreham Airshow 2011 Highlights

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Thursday, 27 October, 2011
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