RAF Cosford Airshow 2014

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The weather  blessed this, one of the only 2 remaining RAF airshows and the 4 aerobatic teams displayed in their element; Belgian Red Devils, The Yakovlevs, The Blades and The Red Arrows in their first big display in their 50th anniversary year..

The RAF’s new Voyager tanker made its debut and the Typhoon burst with shockwaves during a brief rain storm. Tucano and Seaking supported. The Navy and Army both displayed helicopters - a navy 'Black Cat' Lynx and the army Apache performed a mock attack accompanied by with explosions but it was with historical displays that the day excelled. The Vulcan is always a star but the Canberra and Hunter duo routine was much heralded backed up by Venom, Jet Provost and Jaguars on the ground.

More history came with Spitfires, Hurricane, Dakota, a pair of Jungmanns and the Great War display Team commemorating the 100th anniversary of the start of WW2.

Civil pilots displaying to their limit included GliderFX and new on the scene, the much modified 'Muscle' Pitts biplane.

Where Cosford really scores as a visitor attraction is the museum. The static display included a Harrier line up and taking pride of place was the Kestrel pulled outside especially.

CONTENTS The Red Arrows • Canberra & Hunter • Sea King  • Spitfire XI • RAF Falcons Parachute Team • Belgian Red Devils • Great War Display Team  • ‘Muscle’ Pitts Special • Bucker Jungmann x2  • Vulcan • Jet Provost • Tucano • Breitling Wingwalkers • Airbus Voyager K Mk2  • Army Air Corps Apache • Glider FX •  • De Havilland Venom •  Typhoon • Black Cat Lynx • BBMF Spitfire, Hurricane & Dakota •  RC Models  • Ground Displays

Canberra & Hunter Display at RAF Cosford Airshow 2014

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