RAF Cosford Airshow 2009

Image of RAF Cosford Airshow 2009

Sunday 14th of June 2009. A lovely Summer’s day, with blue skies and puffy white clouds. Perfect for an airshow. Perfect, in fact for Royal Air Force Cosford to hold its annual big aviation event. The Airshow was made very special by the 2009 public debut of the AVRO Vulcan. This was the first appearance of the recently restored aircraft at Cosford for 17 years. The intense interest in the Vulcan combined with the superb summer weather made this event a sell-out with 58,000 spectators attending. We were not to be disappointed, displays from the RAF’s frontline assets included the awesome Typhoon and the Chinook which flew one of our cockpit mini-cams for a pilots eye view of the action. Rare treats included one of only three Le Vier Cosmic Wind racers ever built and foreign support from Belgium in the form of a Sea King. Classic aircraft types also entertained with beautiful displays from Hurricane Mk1 R4118, F-86A Sabre, P51 Mustang ‘Old Crow’ and P40 Kittyhawk.

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