RAF Cosford Airshow 2008

Image of RAF Cosford Airshow 2008

The worlds oldest flying Spitfire displayed as did the only Mk1a Spitfire – with a cockpit minicam.

As if that were not enough the event boasted the only Hurricane Mk1, a genuine Battle of Britain veteran.

Several ‘Cold War’ jets on display complemented the new and award winning Cold War Museum hangar and the RAF supported the event in force to mark their 90th anniversary; history from the BBMF, team excellence from The Falcons and the Red Arrows, breathtaking performance from the Typhoon and an explosive Role Demonstration of RAF air power.

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Swift Glider Team, Yakovlevs, The Blades, Great War Display Team, Jungman, BBMF Spitfire and Hurricane, Spitfire 1a and Hurricane 1, P51 Mustang, Lancaster, Vampire, Sea Hawk, Gnat, Hunter, Cold War Museum, RN Lynx, Army Lynx, Apache, Chinook, Tutor, Tucano, Hawk, Kingair, Typhoon, RAF Role Demonstration with Tornado F3s, GR4s, E3D Sentry, Chinook, Apache and Hawks; RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team and The Red Arrows.


Use your DVD remote control to select the simultaneous on-board cameras during the Swift Team, Spitfire 1a and Role Demonstration.

This DVD includes a narration free soundtrack

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Tuesday, 8 January, 2008
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