RAF Cosford Air Show 2010

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RAF Cosford always draws a big crowd and in 2010 they went home well satisfied if a little wet.

That did not reduce the spectacle though; the Harrier displaying for the first time in several years was awesome operating from the rain soaked runway and we saw shockwaves around the Tornados making their explosive airfield attack.

We show Typhoon’s earlier practice display in crystal clear conditions and its imaginative duo routine with a Spitfire in the more challenging weather later. The big RAF support also delivered Tutor, Hawk, Tucano, The Falcons, BBMF and of course The Red Arrows.

The aerobatics line-up continued with 3 more teams; The Aerostars, the Blades and the Yakovlevs and other teams with different styles of entertainment; wing-walking thrills from Team Breitling and a poignant re-enactment from the Great War Team.

Appropriately, at the home of the RAF museum with an especially good post-war jet collection, it was a delight to see Hunter, Sabre, Venoms and Jet Provost and some giants of the radio-controlled world that included Victor and Vulcan.

Welcome overseas visitors were the agile and spectacularly marked F-16 jet fighter from the Royal Netherlands and the air-sea-rescue workhorse Seaking from Belgium.

Narration off lets you hear the undisturbed location sound.

RAF Cosford Airshow 2010 in 60 Seconds

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