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This programme has been remastered and included with Salute the Phantom which covers the spectacular retirement of the German Air Force Phantoms.


These are the sleeve notes for the original programme.

The McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom is one of the most successful jet combat aircraft ever. The RAF retired their Phantoms in 1992 but the type continues to serve other airforces although public appearances are now very rare.

Aviation Action cameras have attended over 100 airshows and events since 1989. In this video we compile the very best Phantom action from dozens of appearances, by RAF, USAF, Luftwaffe and Greek Airforce aircraft. We include some unique air-to-air sequences and report the exciting prospect of a privately operated Phantom on the display circuit! Music and narration are kept to a minimum in favour of location sound, mostly in 'NICAM' HiFi Stereo.

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Monday, 8 January, 1996
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