Manchester Airshow - Barton Aerodrome 1991

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"The delightful grass strip at Barton, Manchester is just off the M63 and, every May, hosts an extensive flying display. The 'barnstorming' fun is balanced by warbirds, and heavy metal and the organisers always manage to pull in something special. Enthusiasts this year were especially pleased to see impressive displays by the Boeing 757 and some vintage jets including an RAE Canberra."

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Alpha Jet, Boeing 757, Sukhoi Su26, Sea King, Hunter, Spitfire (BBMF), Hurricane (BBMF), Catalina, Firefly, Canberra, Sharks Helicopter Team, B17 Flying Fortress, Spitfire, Mosquito, Hawk, Mustang, Extra 300, Falcons Parachute Team, Gnat, Crunchie Flying Circus, Team Toyota Trio, Tornado, Vulcan

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Tuesday, 8 January, 1991
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