Historic Airshow 1992

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Historic Airshow 1992 is a compilation of the very best airshow action from 13 different events and features the whole range of preserved military aircraft on display in the UK. The original video programme was also sold by Flypast magazine as a 'reader offer', followed up by several others over the following 3 years.

It is fitting in this 50th anniversary year of the arrival in the UK in 1942 of the US 8th Air Force, that we should devote a good deal of time to American types. In addition to our resident B-17 Sally B, P-40, P-47, B-25, Catalina, P-51 Mustangs and Harvards the UK skies welcomed an A-26 Invader, The Fighter Collection’s new P-38 Lightning and, for an all too brief few weeks the Confederate Air Force’s B-24 Liberator Diamond Lil. US Navy types feature too with Hellcat, Avenger, Corsairs and the post-war Tigercat and Skyraider.

Aircraft types included vary from original and replica WWI types, inter-war gems like the Hawker Hind and Gladiator, a massive variety of WW2 veterans and trainer types through post-war pistons and helicopters to the early jets, culminating with the Vulcan and Lightning; the latter flying for the first time (and as it transpired, the last time) after restoration by a civilian group.

The RAF and Royal Navy are well covered with several Spitfires, Hurricanes, the Lancaster, Mosquito, Firefly, Swordfish, Meteor, Venom, Vampire, Gnat, Hunter and more.

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Wednesday, 8 January, 1992
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