Flying Legends 1996

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Never before have so many warbirds been seen in the air together at a UK display! A staggering 39 strong mass formation was the culmination of a series of spectacular scenarios, seamlessly interwoven into non-stop action. These included:- Nine Mustangs and three B-25 Mitchells, Ten Spitfires, Mosquito, Me 109G, Tigercat debut and four Skyraiders! This video features every aircraft to display plus exciting airborne and air-to-air sequences. Narration is kept short in favour of hi-fi stereo location sound.


Tigercat, 2 Bearcats, Hellcat, Wildcat, Blenheim, Gladiator, 2 Lysanders, Twin Pioneer, Me 109G, Mosquito, 10 Spitfires, Bristol Fighter, 9 Tiger Moths, 2 Rapides, Cosmic Wind, BBMF, Avenger, 4 Skyraiders, 3 Corsairs, G-59, P-38, P-40, B-17, P-47, 9 Mustangs, 3-B25 MItchells, Fury, The tragic P-38 accident which claimed the life of The Fighter Collection's Chief Pilot, Hoof Proudfoot, is not shown.

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Monday, 8 January, 1996
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