Farnborough Civil and Historic 1992

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Farnborough is perhaps the world's most famous aviation trade event and attracts the biggest, best and newest, plus some significant historic types on the public days. 1992 was no exception. Fabulous weather and a tremendous variety of types, particularly from the former Soviet Union, made this a truly vintage event.

This definitive DVD production presents all civil and historic display items without intrusive music or commentary. The military displays are on our title No.56.


EH101, Puma, Mil-26, Mil-17, Optica, Sprint, Bravo, Pitts Special, Su-29, TBM 700, Jetstream 41, SAAB 340B, SAAB 2000, RJ100, ATP, BAe 146, An-72, Tu-204, A340, Swordfish, Lancaster, Hurricane, Spitfire, Mosquito, Fairey Firefly.


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Wednesday, 8 January, 1992
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