Farnborough 94

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Here it is again - Britain's Greatest Air Show - Farnborough! Every two years the premier aerospace manufacturers of the world gather to display the very latest in their technological achievements - the most exciting being tested in the air before upwards of 100,000 spectators.

This video concentrates only on the flying everyone wants to see. No interviews and no music intrude on the action.

FARNBOROUGH '94, takes you to the show and shows you all. In fact you'll see more than you would have seen had you been there! For instance, we've included special pictures of the Eurofighter in the air (it didn't fly at the show). And we've secured an air-to-air sequence featuring the ever formidable Apache. You'll also see the debut of the astonishing Su30 and Su35 "Flanker" variants and the M55 (Russia's U2 equivalent) plus so much more...

Your host throughout is the venerable John Blake, official commentator for many a Farnborough and the man best able to explain all you see plus his own behind-the-scenes informative bits on what you cannot see.

FARNBOROUGH '94! Get set for an exciting hour in the air!

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Wednesday, 12 January, 1994
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