European Airshows 2009

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PlanesTV presents 6 very different events in mainland Europe in 2009  following the established “British Airshows” DVD series.

The first ever air show was 100 years ago and Louis Bleriot flew the channel so the history of aviation was a key theme at the 2009 Paris Air Show also celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Shows at Sanicole in Belgium and Volkel in the Netherlands also welcomed some important historic types and at an emotional ceremony at Arnhem the historic events of 65 years ago were commemorated, recreated and re-enacted with a massed parachute drop by NATO forces.

The giant MAKS show in Russia featured some awesome technology and spectacular flying.

NATO Tiger squadrons met at Kleine Brogel showing off the cream of modern air forces and every show we attended featured the extremes of military aviation – the fastest, the biggest, the newest, the most lethal and the excellence of 9 national flagship teams.

The ultimate in flying skill was on display everywhere. We are sure you will enjoy 2 hours of the very best of European Airshows, 2009.

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Wednesday, 16 June, 2010
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