Duxford Year '95


Duxford is also an important centre for restoration and we glimpse some of the activities behind the scenes on the airframe gems destined for future display both static and flying. But this video is about action and virtually every aircraft type to display at Duxford in 1995 on the 5 big show days. Fabulous weather and some of the best aircraft videography ever combine with crystal clear hi-fi stereo sound to make this an essential inclusion in any warbird enthusiasts library. The shows featured are:- VE Day Airshow (May 8th), Old Flying Machine Co. Show (June 18th), Flying Legends (June 15th and 16th), IWM Battle of Britain Show (Sep 10th) IWM Show (Oct 15th)

Aircraft making Duxford debuts are Me109, Mig 15, Tummelisa, Fiat G59 and Sea Hurricane.

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Sunday, 8 January, 1995
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