Duxford September/October 2011 Airshow

Image of Duxford September/October 2011 Airshow

This DVD features the highlights of both Duxford's September and October 2011 Airshows.

The September show was blessed with some magnificent weather. Yes it rained for part of day 2 but who will forget that F-15E Strike Eagle bursting with shock waves in that water soaked air and, on day 1, that spiralling power climb to 10,000 ft. The incockpit footage - interactive on the DVD - is breathtaking. Our cameras visited the F-15 base at RAF Lakenheath just before the show for a behind the scenes look at this big and powerful fighter.

A complete contrast; the 7 Spitfires in formation and tail-chasing in the golden early evening sunlight. TFC's presentation of Curtiss Hawk, P-40B and P-40F was inspirational and historic. A very welcome overseas contingent was the Norwegian Vampire team with a single seater and 2 seat variant.

In all a big, varied and historic show in excellent photographic conditions .

Interactive in-cockpit minicams in F-15 Strike Eagle, Spitfire, P-40F, both Vampires, Aerostars, Redhawks, SWIP Team and Brendan O'Brien's Flying Circus truck top landing.

The highlights from Duxford's October show will be reported shortly.

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Tuesday, 11 October, 2011
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