British Airshows '97 (2 Disc Set)

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Over 200 displays in a spectacular all-action cavalcade form 27 events, expertly captured by Aviation Action, the UK's most experienced airshow video producer by far. You'll see aircraft from every era in this video from the pioneers and warbirds at the Shuttleworth Collection's idyllic grass airfield to the heavy metal action at the big RAF and USAF bases. We feature in particular the USAF's official 50th anniversary show with the B2 'Stealth Bomber' and the Thunderbirds display team. Enthusiasts will delight in numerous rare appearances like the Catalina landing on water, a Sea King firing missile decoy flares and a Virgin Airbus A340. Cockpit cameras in several aircraft including Tornado and Spitfire take you right into the action.

Mildenhall, Old Warden, Duxford, Biggin Hill, Waddington, Fighter Meet, Woodford, Southend, Cottesmore, St. Mawgan, Culdrose, Elvington, Kemble, Sunderland, Wellesbourne and more...

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Wednesday, 8 January, 1997
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