Biggin Hill Air Fair '96

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Biggin Hill Airfield is a famous Battle of Britain fighter station. The Spitfire and Hurricane featured at the 1996 International Air Fair but the centrepiece of the event was 'The war that never was.'

The 'Cold War' in the 50's threatened to escalate into global conflict and the Hawker Hunter was our front line of defence at the time. The show managed to assemble no fewer than 7 flying examples and the dramatic scramble to intercept the intruder Mig is captured by an airborne camera.

This massive and truly international show attracted over 30 aircraft types from the giant Vimy biplane bomber - with another airborne camera - to state of the art Flanker and F16 fighters.

The lasting memory for many though will be the Grey Owls display team and the venerable Chipmunks.

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Monday, 8 January, 1996
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