Big Thunder Airshow 1993

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In March 1993 the last airworthy Vulcan XH558 was retired to Bruntingthorpe joining a brace of Lightnings from the same era. Though these aircraft are unable to fly, the prospect of simply hearing them start up and make high speed runs was enough to attract a huge crowd

The airfield, once the home of the giant B47 Stratojet bombers again echoed to the sound of "Big Thunder".

Part 1

Vulcan, Lightning, Jet Provost, Vampire, Orion, Nimrod, Hawk, Tornado, Jaguar, Harrier, Buccaneer

Part 2

Red Arrows, Tucano, Hercules, Wessex, Puma, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Hurricane, Spitfire and Lancaster, B17 Flying Fortress, Mustang, Spitfire T9, 'The Radial Pair' Harvards, Swordfish, "Cadbury's Crunchie Flying Circus" Stearman, Yak 52...

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Friday, 8 January, 1993
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