Best of Woodford '90-'96

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Airshow aficionados have long held Woodford's June show in great regard for both the variety and the rarity of the display items assembled. For hundreds and thousands though, it's been the Vulcan, the Lancaster and, recently, the Flankers of the Russian Test Pilots that have attracted them to Avro's famous historic site near Manchester.

It has been all this and the photogenic quality of the airfield which has drawn Aviation Action cameras back every year since 1990 and this video is packed with the very best action from 50 hours of recording at 7 events. These are just a few of the aircraft in this DVD:

Fast Jets:- Tornado, Harrier, F15, F16, Flanker, Tomcat, Hornet, Mirage, Jaguar.
Teams:- Red Arrows, Patrouille France, Ecco, Falcons.
Classic Jets:- Lightning, Phantom, Hunter, Buccaneer, Draken, Mig 15, Sabre.
Warbirds:- Spitfires, Hurricanes, Mosquito, Mustang, Swordfish, Firefly.
Rare Gems:- Beriev Mermaid, DC6, Merchantman, Orange Airship, Brousard-Cris-Cris.
Avro:- Lancaster, Shackleton, Vulcan, RJ, 504, Tutor.

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Monday, 8 January, 1996
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