The Battle of Britain Airshow Duxford September 2010

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In commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain it was appropriate that Duxford in Cambridgeshire, a former Battle of Britain fighter station now home to the Imperial War Museum, should host one of the best airshows in recent times.

In a magnificent effort to recreate something from that eventful summer of 1940 the organisers not only brought together in flight 4 rare Hawker Hurricanes but also no fewer than 16 Spitfires.

The spectacle and sound of close on an entire squadron taking off, forming up, performing a formation flyby and then splitting up and beating up the airfield in wave after wave of skilful choreography was a once in a  lifetime experience for most on the day.

This DVD recreates that experience with powerful high definition cameras, expert tracking, stereo sound uninterrupted by music, commentary that can be switched off and cockpit cameras in 2 of the Spitfires. 20 minutes in total.

At any other airshow The Red Arrows, their French equivalent La Patrouille France, the Typhoon, F16 and gamut of rare warbirds would be the stars so they contribute here to one of the best airshow DVD’s ever made.

An additional bonus is the inclusion of highlights from Duxford’s Autumn Air Show celebrating B17 Sally B’s 65th birthday.

16 Spitfires in Formation Duxford 2010

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Tuesday, 23 November, 2010
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