BAE Woodford Airshow 1991

Image of BAE Woodford Airshow 1991

Woodford is the site of an important British Aerospace plant involved in the production of the successful 146 and ATP airliners. Perhaps though it is best known to enthusiasts as the home of the historic Avro Co.

The Lancaster, Shackleton and the Vulcan therefore take pride of place in this DVD with BAe types. RAFA NW has a long experience of organising this event and it shows with the scale and breadth of the displays and their ability to attract some rare types including the Merchantman. Spectacular weather combined to make Woodford '91 a vintage airshow.

The sleeve pictures are all taken directly from the videotape and show the spectacular weather and scenic backdrop and the ideal camera postion to catch the action.

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Tuesday, 8 January, 1991
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