Airshow Turkey 100: Izmir - Cigli 2011 Collectors Edition

Image of Airshow Turkey 100: Izmir - Cigli 2011 Collectors Edition

This was a momentous airshow celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Air Force. An inventory formation flyby of every serving type added to an astonishing line-up from other countries including eight national display teams in the eight hour flying display.

The star solo visitor was the Pakistani Air Force showcasing the JF-17 Thunder jet fighter. Italian Eurofighter and F16's from Pakistan, Belgium and the Netherlands all had a hard act to follow after the dynamics of F-16 "Solo Turk" complete with flares and backed by an ecstatic crowd numbering a quarter of a million.

PlanesTV was given privileged access on the operational aprons and for cockpit cameras. Every flying demonstration is included in this comprehensive commemmorative DVD. 

Listen to narration free HiFi stereo location or switch on either an English or Turkish commentary.

Disc 2 is entirely interactive. Use the 'Angle' button your DVD or Bluray remote to access the cockpit view, simultaneously with the view from the ground.  Watch almost the entire displays by Ali Ozturk, The Turkish Stars display team and Solo Turk F-16. Ali Ozturk flies astonishing aerobatics in his Pitts Special,  The Turkish Stars fly 8 supersonic Northrop NF5 Freedom Fighters and Solo Turk is a new high performance routine taking the agile F-16 Fighting Falcon and its pilot  to the limit.

In a new feature for PlanesTV you can choose between 5 cameras on the F16 - a ground camera and 4 on board.

Airshow Turkey 2011 Highlights

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Sunday, 23 October, 2011
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