Air Fete '96 RAF Mildenhall

Image of Air Fete '96 RAF Mildenhall

Air Fete '96 at RAF Mildenhall was the best for probably 10 years!

Traditionally a heavy metal event, no fewer than 16 countries took part with debut appearances by the Slovak Republic "White Albatross" Team, the "Green March" from Morroco, and F4 Phantom from Turkey and a Boeing 707 tanker from South Africa.

Superb weather and superlative flying by a seemingly endless cavalcade of military might included 10 national teams and debuts by German and Czech MIG 29's, a German Phantom and the Czech Mil "Hind" gunships.              

The F117A "Nighthawk" stealth fighter, flying at the Air Fete for the first time, lead the big US Air Force participation and the B1B Lancer shattered the Suffolk skies for the first time in five years.

This video includes every item on display.          F117A Stealth Fighter, B1, B52, F15 Eagle, Phantom, Mig 29, Mil "Hind" gunships ...and much, much more!!!

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Monday, 8 January, 1996
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