Abingdon Air and Country Show 2011

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It's not just an air show! The Abingdon Air & Country Show has a varied ground show to go along with the large scale fly-in of both modern and vintage aeroplanes and the associated air display.

But our brief is always 'action in the air' and this year we thought we were going to get very wet! The weather forecast was dire but in the event it could hardly have been better - clear air and some dramatic fluffy clouds, ideal for high definition filming.

The Vulcan of course eclipsed everything else and accounted for a massive increase in the crowd over previous years.

Our cameras went air-to-air with her after the display and an extended feature from this sortie will appear on this DVD.

The RAF supported with Tutor, Tucano and Hawk and a dramatic C130K fly-through. Earlier RAF trainers included (piston) Provost and Jet Provost - Neil McCarthy's rare MkIII resplendent in a new paint scheme (also featured in the air-to-air sortie). An even earlier WWII trainer the US Navy liveried SNJ (T6 Harvard) brought its supersonic contribution to the show and its sprightly successor, the rarely seen  North American T28 in attractive French desert colours, positively glowed in the bright clear air.

Andrew Dixon's big purring Percival Pembroke contrasted in size with the SWIP team flying the diminuative and Spitfire lookalike Silence Twisters.

Vulcan aside, show stars for many were Guy Westgate and Dan Griffith performing amazing aerobatics in the Fox Glider and Bucker Jungmeister respectively.

The Tigers Parachute Team jumping from another rare contributor, a Short Skyvan, braved a strong wind and delighted the crowd with pinpoint landings. Lastly but certainly not least the Thames Valley Air Ambulance put in a welcome appearance - it was after all a key recipient of the charity money raised at the show.

Everything that displayed is included in what will be one of our best ever DVD's.

The interactive on-board cameras were with the Bucker Jungmeister, North American T28 and a helmet cam with the Tigers.


Abingdon Air and Country Show 2011 Highlights

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