12th Great Warbirds Air Display 1993

Image of 12th Great Warbirds Air Display 1993

The event centres around World War II fighters and bombers and, in particular, B17 Flying Fortress, Sally B, joined this year by the French B17, Pink Lady. We feature these in Part I plus, from the same era, RAF, US Navy and a host of USAF types. The massed formations of these aircraft are quite breathtaking.

In Part II we include several aircraft from the 'fabric and string' era and in this 75th anniversary year of the founding of the RAF, we feature a wide range from the RAF's past but the Tornado and Red Arrows bring us up to date with a contrast.



Introduction | Sally B and Pink Lady | B-25 | Sopwith Pup | Blenheim | Spitfires, Hurricane and Me108 | P47 Thunderbolt | P51 Mustang | P40 Kittyhawk | Corsair and Hellcat | Avenger | Bearcat | Massed Formations (also includes Catalina, Harvards and Provosts).

Part 2

Introduction | Military Vehicle Parade | Airtour Diamond Nine Tiger Moths | Rapides | DH88 Comet | The Crunchie Flying Circus | Cub | The Radial Pair Harvards | C45H Expeditor | Bell 47 | The Source Classic Jet Flight | Gnats | Buccaneer | The Red Arrows | Hawk | Jaguar | Tornado | Hercules | We'll meet again Sally B

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Friday, 8 January, 1993
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