RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 DVD / Blu-ray

RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 DVD / Blu-ray

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The RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 was a tremendous aviation spectacle, with over 50,000 people witnessing a fabulously varied flying display. This DVD features all the aircraft from the flying display accompanied by event commentary for a wonderful souvenir of the day.

Highlights include an intense display from the Italian Air Force Tornado, heavy metal from the United States Air Force B-1B and B-52H and the superb formation aerobatics of the Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team.

The show’s Battlefield Support theme was well represented by the Army Air Corps Apache accompanied by pyrotechnics and the Vietnam War scenario which featured the An-2, Huey, Loach, and Bronco.

(90 minute runtime)

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