The Shuttleworth Year 1996

The Shuttleworth Year 1996

By popular request, Aviation Action has once again drawn together, in a bumper length video, the highlights from several Shuttleworth Collection airshows. Most of the 1996 events are featured here. Expert videography and, for the most part, excellent weather combine to deliver some of the most spectacular footage ever recorded at the photogenic grass airfield at Old Warden.

In the 60th anniversary year of the Spitfire, we include an extended sequence of Shuttleworth's MK V with cockpit cameras performing probably the most thrilling routine of any Spitfire at any event. The Collection's Sea Hurricane and the rarely seen Autokraft Hurricane make their airshow debuts.

Magical memories too numerous to mention include the giant Vimy biplane bomber, the "Grey Owls" Chipmunk team, the fragile Boxkite flying sideways through the trees, the Yak 52 air race and the WWII airfield attack. Most of the Shuttleworth Collection's aircraft fly at some point.


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Another off the beaten track historical center, is the Shuttleworth gathering at Old Warden in Bedfordshire. They have an astonishing gathering of old planes and also autos and different curios, you can spend your taking a gander at building wonders. Purchase Coursework Online