RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 DVD / Blu-ray [Pre-order]

Image of RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 DVD / Blu-ray [Pre-order]
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All the highlights from the flying display at the RAF Cosford Air Show 2017.

A fabulous line up at RAF Cosford promises to make this a superb official video programme. With 5 cameras on the ground and more on board some of the aircraft we'll have all the best angles covered!

(90 minute runtime)

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Airshow Action 10 contains over 90 minutes of aviation action including:

  • The spectacular sight of 14 Spitfires flying together at Duxford in 2016
  • The SR-71 Blackbird in its final days of flying in 1997
  • Several in-cockpit special features on board with types as diverse as the Edgley Optica, Pitts Special and the Airbus A380.

(Free DVD offer available until Thursday 15th June)

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Friday, 4 August, 2017
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