PlanesTV's Coverage of RAF Cosford Air Show 2017

PlanesTV is pleased to be covering the RAF Cosford Air Show for the 10th consecutive year.

Below you'll find details of  our coverage of the show, including the live YouTube broadcast (make sure to say hello in the chat!). We're also producing a 90+ minute programme which you can order on Vimeo On Demand, DVD and Blu-ray.

RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 LIVE

RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 On Demand

RAF Cosford Air Show 2017

This is the Vimeo On Demand version of our RAF Cosford Air Show video programme, also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

With an incredible line-up at this year's show, the RAF Cosford is looking to be one of the stand out air shows of the year. We're expecting the likes of the Red Arrows, the Typhoon FGR4, the Swiss PC-7 Team, and even a rare display from the Whirlwind to take to the stage on Sunday 11th June These alongside the Strikemaster Duo, the Avro Anson, and the welcome return of Rich Goodwin's Pitts S2S promise to make the RAF Cosford show the one to watch.

We'll have 5 cameras on the ground covering the best of the action, to bring you best possible souvenir from this incredible RAF show.

RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 DVD / Blu-ray [Pre-order]

Image of RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 DVD / Blu-ray [Pre-order]
Also available on Vimeo On Demand: 

All the highlights from the flying display at the RAF Cosford Air Show 2017.

A fabulous line up at RAF Cosford promises to make this a superb official video programme. With 5 cameras on the ground and more on board some of the aircraft we'll have all the best angles covered!

(90 minute runtime)

Pre-order the DVD or Blu-ray now and we'll send you a FREE copy of our Airshow Action 10 DVD

Airshow Action 10 contains over 90 minutes of aviation action including:

  • The spectacular sight of 14 Spitfires flying together at Duxford in 2016
  • The SR-71 Blackbird in its final days of flying in 1997
  • Several in-cockpit special features on board with types as diverse as the Edgley Optica, Pitts Special and the Airbus A380.

(Free DVD offer available until Thursday 15th June)

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Friday, 4 August, 2017
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